How to make your website SEO friendly

There are a lot of undeniable benefits of building an SEO friendly website. Having an SEO optimised into your website increases improves your presence on search engine results. Here are tips to help you make your website SEO friendly.

1. User-friendly URLs

The URL structure of your business is essential. Make sure you simplify your URLs to have a different one for each page.

2. Duplicate content

Avoid posting duplicate content at all costs. Having duplicate content will lead to a lot of SEO London issues that will ultimately affect your ranking when it comes to internal duplication. Always check for duplicate content from your website so as to keep your website SEO on top-notch. London seo services will help you to go about this.

Create an XML map

An XML site map helps make your website SEO friendly. It helps search engines to have a better understanding of your website’s structure.

Compatible for all devices

Making your website compatible with all devices is another great way to make it SEO friendly. Your content and website should be in a position to get compatible with all types of devices. This is important as your clients will enjoy a good user experience when navigating through your website.

Focus on internal linking

By doing an internal linking, you will establish page authorities and give a chance to your readers to have a friendly user interface. If you continue to share more exciting and relevant content, they will be tempted to spend more time on your website.

Optimise your images

Images are essential elements on your website; sometimes, we don’t give them the attention they deserve when it comes to SEO optimisation. Proper image optimisation helps to make your website SEO friendly.

Avoid keyword stuffing

We all know keywords are the foundation for your SEO and website strategy. Even if you are aiming at getting a high rank on a specific term, don’t use a lot of keywords.

These are some of the tricks used by a London seo services company, to make your website SEO friendly. Consult SEO services london today for help.

How to make your website SEO friendly.