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Data Protection

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Terms And Conditions 

In the event of a dispute all matters, if unresolved after 1 month from installation date will be referred to the CAI (confederation of aerial industries LTD) for a ruling that shall be binding on both parties. This shall not affect the customer’s statutory rights.


The customer accepts that their signature on the job card confirms that they accept the price for the works and acceptance that they are satisfied with the installation/works completed.If the customer is not present at time of installation or does not sign job card for works done then the customer must forward any complaint in writing within 7 days or it will be deemed that the customer accepts Terms & Conditions of Sale.


However, if the customer a representative to attend on their behalf then their signature on the job card will be viewed as acceptance of a satisfactory installation. The customer agrees to settle the account rendered immediately upon completion of work. Customers requiring Sky High Definition Must settle accounts prior to work commencing. This can be paid by Credit Card or Cheque. Goods will normally be dispatched within 48 hrs of payment, although in the case of a personal cheque, this would be 5-7 days to allow clearance at the bank.


When processing your order the information provided will be subject to credit and fraud prevention checks. For these purposes we may transfer your information to third parties and / or Countries outside the EEA.


While all reasonable care is taken to protect the confidentiality of your credit card details, Campbell & Kennedy Limited cannot be liable if, through no fault of its own, these details are intercepted by and used by third parties.


Delivery times for online orders will normally be 7 to 10 days; customers will be notified at time of order if these times vary. Invoices where issued must be settled strictly 7 days net from date of invoice unless otherwise agreed at time of order.


When a cheque is not honoured by a customer’s bank and has to be represented the customer agrees that a further administration charge of (£25.00 + vat) will be added to their account. If a customer pays for work completed by personal cheque or business cheque and then stops the cheque at their bank they shall be entitled to no further service or return visits until they have settled the initial account.


When a customer stops a payment cheque at their bank despite having signed a job card then an invoice shall be raised for completed works and an administration charge of £25.00 +VAT will be added to the account. Subsequent reminder statements for unpaid accounts shall incur an additional administration charge of £25+VAT.


Customers who have sky digital fitted accept that they must subscribe to sky for a minimum period of 12 months from the date that the sky viewing card is activated. Otherwise they will be charged for the full standard or non standard, (whichever is the applicable) installation price i.e. C&K LTD published price list. (Minus payments already paid relating to the offer). In this respect, a further invoice from Campbell & Kennedy LTD will be sent that has to be paid within 7 days of receipt.


The customer accepts that sky can also charge them for 12 months of the minimum package less what has already been paid and that sky may also charge separately for this.


Quotations are provisional estimates for guidance only and strictly subject to confirmation in writing.


Quotations are offered in good faith directly relating to the information given by the requester. Quotations are subject to change if works/equipment requested differ from works/equipment required.


Quotations are exclusive of VAT and exclude electrical power supplies for our equipment unless otherwise stated. Quotations assume that work will be carried out from a ladder to a maximum height of 29 feet. The customer agrees that a call out charge is applicable unless otherwise indicated overleaf.


Late payment reminders will incur an administration charge of £25.00 plus VAT.


Where accounts are not paid within 30 days of invoice date then interest will be charged at the rate of 5% above base rate as at the date of expiration of the stipulated period of payment.


Where an account is not paid within 40 days of invoice date then it will automatically be referred to a debt collection agency.


At the date of referral a further £25 plus VAT will be added to the account to cover administration and collection fees.


Only full payment of original invoice and admin/collection fee will clear the account. All goods specified on this receipt or invoice remains the property of Campbell & Kennedy LTD until full payment has been received. No assignment of goods on debt.


Customer failure to provide access for the works will incur a call out charge. Customers must arrange for access and/or access keys to be available to padlock hatches to roofs etc. All work above 29 feet must be accessed via a roof skylight. Prices quoted do not include access platforms or scaffolding.


Campbell and Kennedy can only connect your sky equipment to the telephone line at the time of the original installation only (subject to a live telephone line being available (capable of receiving incoming and outgoing calls)) and the phone point being within 10m of the installed digi box. If you request a Campbell and Kennedy engineer to re-attend at a later date, post digi box installation, you will be charged a call-out fee plus cable usage charges. If you have booked your telephone line for Sky to install this then this will be progressed vis Sky or their appointed agent such as BT Openreach and outwith the control and influence of Campbell and Kennedy. For communal systems installation CAMPBELL & KENNEDY can only connect to the number of satellite feeds available at the communal point (see communal systems installations).


Our engineer will not be able to move equipment or furniture on the day, therefore please ensure the area(s) where equipment is to be installed is clear and provides unrestricted access. Campbell and Kennedy will NOT be responsible for any damage arising from non sky equipment or furniture being removed.


A call out charge may apply if a fault develops 4 weeks after installation. This charge will be refunded should the fault that has arisen be covered under warranty (see our Sky Installations FAQ page)



Cancellation requests must be made, at least, 1 working day prior to your agreed installation date.


Campbell & Kennedy LTD allow an 8 day cooling off period for cancellation requests. Requests for cancellation within this period will not incur any de-installation charges (normally £55). However, the £30 set-up/admin fee will still be payable if an engineer has been sent to your home and no access has been granted/available or works have been started/completed.


Condition of Guarantee

Please note that in cases of complete new installations materials and workmanship are guaranteed for 1 year from date of installation. This guarantee is for material/manufacturing defects only on new equipment supplied and does not cover consequential faults (i.e. communal system faults), damage to equipment or cosmetic appearance of equipment supplied.


In the case where replacement parts or existing parts are repaired to existing systems then materials and workmanship relating to those parts are covered for 3 months. All replacements are on a like for like basis (Grade A Reconditioned Boxes) and will match the functionality of the equipment replaced. Cosmetic appearance of equipment is not a factor for replacement therefore your replacement box may differ in style, model, make/manufacturer, colour and appearance to your original box.


Where repairs only were originally carried out then only materials (fitted by ourselves) are guaranteed for the aforementioned period. You will appreciate that no guarantee can be given on existing or old materials that have been re-used and workmanship guarantee only extends to new material we fitted. Aerial re-alignment or satellite dish re-alignment of existing equipment is not guaranteed.


Many external factors can ‘generate’ faults with any equipment installed and, in this respect, ‘consequential’ faults cannot be covered by warranty guarantee. Should a fault arise 4 weeks after your installation a call-out charge of £55 will be applied in order for an engineer to attend. If the fault is deemed to be covered by your warranty then you will, of course, receive a FULL REFUND


Prior to requesting Campbell & Kennedy LTD to attend a re-check we ask you to check that there are no other reasons for a fault occurring such as:-


1.Faulty Television Set

2.Faulty Video or Satellite receiver if applicable

3.Faulty Connection Leads, Scart Leads etc.

4.Faulty Remote Control/Batteries

5.Loose Co-axial Socket or Scart connection to T.V.(i.e. Sometimes co-axial wiring to T.V. co-axial plug can become loose if T.V. is moved and plugs etc unconnected or disturbed by children etc.)

6.Faulty fuse (where applicable)

7.Outside interference (i.e. CB radios or radar etc.)


Items NOT covered by guarantee

  • Very exposed installations.
  • Chimney mounted satellite dishes or ground patio mounted dishes.
  • Roof mounted satellite dishes (i.e. on mast etc or exposed mutual roof walls.
  • Underground cables/re-used existing cables.
  • Movement of satellite dishes when wind speeds exceed 40mph.
  • Movement of aerial/antenna when wind speeds exceed 62.5mph.
  • Existing equipment relocated is not guaranteed to work after take down and re-erect. (e.g. LNB’s etc).
  • Any existing equipment whatsoever not supplied by Campbell & Kennedy LTD.
  • Any equipment supplied by Campbell & Kennedy LTD that has been moved, tampered with or subject to an attempted repair by a non Campbell & Kennedy instructed third party.
  • Failure of ‘Freeview’ equipment due to incompatibility with Digital Switchover.
  • All work out with the guarantee period.
  • Changes by programme providers such as changes to encryption, programming, transmitted frequencies and other technical parameters after date of installation.
  • Claims for any damage whatsoever that are not notified in writing within via recorded delivery mail and within 7 days of installation or call out date. No guarantee or warranty exists if an account is not paid in full, or if a payment cheque is ‘Stopped’ or refused by a customer’s bank. Guarantee Claims Procedure

In all cases a receipt for the works MUST be produced for verification by our engineer, BEFORE any works will be carried out under guarantee.


In the case of satellite installations, the customer must firstly return the receiver to Campbell & Kennedy’s LTD workshop for testing. (Where customers request uplift/delivery there is a £12.00 charge.)


Faulty items which have been purchased within 14 days and which are accompanied with the corresponding invoice/receipt of purchase from Campbell & Kennedy LTD will be replaced after testing. Items which have been purchased more than 14 days before will be repaired, or referred to the manufacturer or replaced at the company’s discretion.


Customers must complete a re-check/complaints questionnaire prior to a re-check proceeding before guarantee call outs can be carried out.


Should customers not wish to proceed via complaints procedure they can book a paying call-out.


Goods for replacement cannot be accepted unless returned in original packaging.


Communal System Information

Communal TV and Satellite systems are managed by your housing association or factor. In many cases this equipment is also owned by them. In many cases a communal system has been installed as the factor/landlord/housing association will not allow residents to put up their own dish(es) and they have invested in a communal sysrtem in order that you don’t have to.


The number of satellite points available, in communal systems, will be preset (in most cases one or two points (per plate)) and the available satellite points (feeds) are all that the Campbell & Kennedy engineer will be able to attach your satellite system to. The engineer will not be able to attach the system to a 2nd point should one not be available on the connection plate in your home. Requestes for extra points must go to your factor/landlord/housing association.


Even if Campbell & Kennedy installed the communal system to your block your factor/housing association is required to provide written confirmation, and purchase order (if required), to Campbell & Kennedy should they wish to instruct us to carry out any required repairs, amendments or upgrades to the system.


Installations of Sky TV equipment to a Communal System

  • Connecting to a communal system IS an ‘installation’. An installation is regarded as setting up your satellite receiving equipment and does not necessarily require the fitting of a satellite dish to your property. The supply and fitting of a satellite dish is not necessarily part of a standard installation.
  • Engineers can only connect to what is ALREADY in place. If you have only 1 satellite point in your home then that is all the engineer can connect to.
  • If you wish your own dish then this MUST be advised BEFORE the installation has taken place.
  • However, should you request Campbell & Kennedy to supply and fit your own dish then YOU will need to find out if your factor/housing association will allow this. Campbell & Kennedy are unable to do this on your behalf.
  • In most cases a communal system has been put in place to prevent independent dishes being erected on the property. It is YOUR responsibility to find out if you are allowed to site a dish and obtain any relevant authorisation(s).
  • If you wish your own dish AFTER you have been installed you will be charged for the call out, heights/roof access (if required) and for the dish and cabling.


Single and Dual Feed Communal Systems

Many communal systems use a single, rather than dual, satellite point (1 feed) which can limit the functionality of your Sky+ / Sky + HD system. Both Sky+ and Sky+ HD utilise 2 Satellite feeds to allow the recording one channel while watching another, the first satellite feed is used to display the programme that you are watching and the second feed records the other programme to the Hard Disk. If you live in a building with a 1 feed communal system you will still be able to enjoy most of the benefits of Sky+ and Sky+ HD such as pausing live TV, recording programs that you are watching, recording programmes to be watched later and if you have an HD system and a High Definition Television you will still get all the benefits of a High Definition picture. If you request Campbell & Kennedy to fit a second feed for your communal system then YOU MUST: -


1.Obtain permission from your factor/landlord/housing association authorising Campbell & Kennedy to carry out the upgrade.

2.Ensure that ACCESS(ES) is/are available to the communal system SWITCH.

3.Ensure that the communal system switch is located within the same block as your property.

4.Ensure that there are enough ‘LNB’ ports available on the communal system to attach the extra ‘feed(s)’ required.

5.Agree to pay the correct cost of upgrading your connection from single to dual feed.



On occasion things can, and do, go wrong. Should you have reason to raise a complaint with Campbell & Kennedy Ltd then please do not hesitate to call our customer services department on 0141 435 7760.


Should you wish to write to us then please address your correspondence to:

Customer Services Manager

Customer Services Department

Unit 11 9 Telford Court

Clydebank Business Park

Glasgow G81 2NR.


Upon receipt of your correspondence we will acknowledge receipt within 48 hours and provide a full response, in most cases, within 10 days*


Damage Claims

On the rare occasion where damage has occurred in relation to works completed by Campbell & Kennedy then please send FULL details to the Director of Customer Services at the above address. Unfortunately, as you can appreciate, we cannot accept claims over the telephone.


Claims made out with the 7 Day period will be automatically rejected unless it is clear beyond all reasonable doubt that the alleged damage has been caused due to the negligence of a Campbell & Kennedy engineer.



Sky/Satellite Dish Installation Disclaimer Form

Click here to download our Sky/satellite dish installation disclaimer form.

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